Dr. Alexander Fink 

Biophysicist and director of the Institute for Faith and Science (IGUW)


Dr. Jürgen Spieß

Historian and founder of the Institute for Faith and Science (IGUW)


Prof. Dr. Matthias Clausen

Theologian, lecturer für apologetics and evangelism


Biophysicist Dr. Alexander Fink has always been interested in mathematics, physics and philosophy. During his time as a PhD student, he had his first experience giving talks at the university about how Christian faith and natural sciences are compatible. He is passionate about both and is excited to bring them together.

Historian Dr. Jürgen Spieß is the founder and former director of the IGUW. He himself became a Christian during his doctoral studies. Since then he has been investigating the historicity of the Bible and biblical events. One of his main topics is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Clausen studied theology in Wuppertal, Heidelberg and London. Since 2000 he has been speaking at universities and working with students. Lecture tours on topics related to faith and science bring him to universities far beyond Germany. He is the IGUW theological officer and teaches apologetics and evangelism at a Christian College in Marburg, Germany.

About «What if … ?»

We are a group of Christian students who come together to live an authentic faith in the midst of everyday university life. In the four weeks from 19 April to 14 May, 2021, we want to deal with important questions about life, faith and science. You are welcome to join us – we are looking forward to seeing you!



Over the time of 4 weeks there are different programs on the different days of the week. From life stories to talks and discussion groups to a cozy (corona-compliant) get-together, everything is included.


Mondays: Life Story

Faith and everyday life are connected. We have recorded stories of people around us to hear from them who they believe Jesus is, what story he is writing with them, how they have heard about him or how he has proven himself in difficult times.

Here you'll find the link for the life story of this week


Tuesdays: Evening Talk

We have invited scientists who love to talk about their field of research and how this points to faith. Look forward to a historian, biophysicist and theologian giving talks and answering your questions. Yes, they are excited to the following Q&A's after the talks!

Every Tuesday at 8pm

20th April

27th April

4th May


Wednesdays: Time Together

On Wednesdays we meet to spend the evening together, get to know each other and read the Bible. Preferably we do this outside as well. But even if we meet indoors, we will stick to the Corona regulations. 

Please register online for the evenings

21.04. Game Night

28.04. Bible Study

05.05. Indian Night

12.05. Bible Study

Thursdays: Lunch Discussion

During these four weeks, we touch on many topics which means that many questions or opinions will come up. On Thursdays we would therefore like to enjoy a short lunch break with you, where we can discuss a few things again in a relaxed atmosphere. Even if you haven't been to other events, you're in the right place.


22.04.: What effect does the resurrection have in my life? 

29.04.: What are you passionate about?

06.05.: Does God care?

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On Ascension Day we want to get out! Let's go hiking, spend the day together and get to know each other. Whether with discussions about old or new topics or just chatting - we will see.

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Contact us

In any case we would love to get to know you. You can reach us via email or instagram. See you soon!